About us…

With 15 years of work experience as Design Engineer in the best radiopharmaceuticals companies (such as COINCIDENCE Technologies and GE Healthcare), Emiliano DE MARCO, Daedalus Engineering Administrator, considers his company among the few significant third party organization on the market that can provide independent services in engineering and consulting for the Radiochemistry, Medical, Pharma and Food industry.


Daedalus Engineering is known for its competence and reliability in providing high-quality products and services in engineering and consulting service. The long-term valued business relations and contacts maintained with its customers and partners, prove Daedalus Engineering to be a constant partner in the industry field.


We provide for most actors of the civilian and military field, manufacturing of High-Performance Molds, Consumable design & development, Electro-mechanical design and development for laboratory equipments, Software Programming, etc., by providing value-driven products that consistently meet expectations of customers & partners who demand the highest standards of services.


Daedalus Engineering offers a wide range of services that consist of work packages and assisting customers on a 'through life' basis.

From 'concept design' to 'in-service', we have the experience to support our customers with the completion of essential tasks and the capabilities to help them overcome new challenges.


Daedalus Engineering approach to forming international and interdisciplinary teams from its pool of experts, translates into the provision of top quality engineering services. Our partners benefit from our broad range of action and overall experience in the industry.


We balance the creativity and the technical discipline needed to achieve commercially successful product innovation.


Every client is unique. To support you, we need to understand you, your place in the market and your ambitions thoroughly. Then we can tailor our services to meet your needs.