Manufacturing of precision parts for Radiochemistry and Medical industries…

In order to supply a full-range service, Daedalus Engineering, thanks to his extensive knowledge across the industry, acts as a trader to offer a turnkey solution. All our partnerships are with outstanding professional’s parts manufacturers, who can provide a full range of service from parts manufacturing, printing, painting, plating, assembling and packaging. Daedalus Engineering prides itself to contribute on the improvement of his partners. With unparalleled precision machining techniques, we are committed to manufacturing quality products, meeting delivery requirements, competitive pricing, maintaining qualified and professional personnel, and flexibility in meeting our client’s needs.


In the manufacturing industry there are many specialists with narrowly focused core competencies. We are confident that we have the best blend of skills and capabilities that this industry has to offer, in addition we have assembled the resources and expertise to offer you the convenience of a one-stop, full service shop. We leverage our strengths, saving you missed deadlines, substandard quality, time and frustration.


We specialize in all aspects of part manufacturing from prototype to medium volume production, individual components to complete custom mechanical assemblies. Moreover, we have a high level engineering team to endow customers' parts the most competitive power, by working together with customers' engineers to exchange and reduce costs, our people will provide comprehensive design program and manufacturing services to meet project objectives to ensure customer satisfaction. Utilizing the latest technology, including: 5 axis CNC, EDM, Wire EDM, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, 3 axis Lathe Machine, 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine, 3D Scanner, Optical Projector etc.