Radiochemistry Equipment’s Service & Maintenance…

Emiliano DE MARCO, Daedalus Engineering Administrator, with a 15 years’ work experience as Design Engineer in the best radiopharmaceuticals companies (such as COINCIDENCE Technologies and GE Healthcare), where he introduced several patents for Radiochemistry, Medical and Pharma applications, he was the Lead Design Engineer of the consumable dept., and part of the Mechanical Engineering Team who developed the most sophisticated radiopharmaceuticals equipment for the PET market up to 2013.


Daedalus Engineering is the only significant third party organization providing an independent Radiochemistry Equipment preventative and corrective maintenance, offering cost effective solutions to the NHS and private sector. With a Team of highly skilled Engineers, Daedalus Engineering is able to meet the most demanding needs of customers who are looking for a single source solution at competitive prices and fast onsite servicing.


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